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Trapped in a dungeon, you a cursed without a body. Seek your revenge on your enemies and reach the portal to escape. 

Note: During development, we had to cut down the guards  AI due to different factors, this made the game a lot easier than originally planned. Guards were supposed to patrol and kill the player if they possessed a dead guard but UE4 didn't like that :/.  There are some bugs but trust us the puzzles do work. 

Patch notes for v1.1: Fixed bug that meant the first gun fired backward, fixed a few more minor bugs


Programmer - Bruce Gdula

Designer  - Daniel Fairchild

Asset pack used:  1-Bit Pack, Retro Sounds, Digital Audio, Interface sounds


Possessed.zip 91 MB
Possessed1.1.zip 90 MB

Install instructions

download the latest version and extract the windowsnoeditor from file. 

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